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A new approach to task and project management

The current way you
manage tasks is inefficient.


Be all natural

Ping is all about tying your e-mails and contacts into a coherent workflow. People do not need to create accounts.

Focus on actionable

Snooze tasks for later, send automated reminders (Pings), separate views for tasks that you may do (and may not).

Work wherever

Ping as a tool works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, with full sync and offline work. It's not a janky addon.

What's Ping?

Ping is more than a tool

We, the WhoElse Team, have created Ping based on decades of juggling different projects to try pursue a direction that we think is the most human-friendly for managing tasks and projects. The tools are still in development, and we are shaping them further based on the knowledge and feedback we gain. Ping is definitely not yet another PM tool cloning JIRA/Trello/Asana/etc - it's a brand new way of managing work!

Again, what's Ping?

Ping is a mindset and style of work tied to a brand new project, task and time management application. Ping differs considerably from standard Project Management tools and processes.

What's in it for me?

If you’re sick & tired of making your work match specific tools and templates, creating accounts for all users and wasting time on manually clicking updates in a task management system, you’re finally home.

How can I help?

Ping is currently in development. We welcome all feedback: standard bug reports, as well as feature suggestions & ideas.

Download Ping

Get involved

Ping is currently in development - you can download it completely for free! We appreciate all feedback & suggestions.

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