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What is Ping?




We’re WhoElse – an incubator and innovative concept factory from Poland. Our background is creating the biggest digital content platform in Poland, for many years a top 10 website in absolute numbers of users. Since then, we are constantly leveraging of our resources working towards positive social change in two areas we find strategic: Web and Education.


Over the years we have launched a plethora of projects, such as:

  • A peer-reviewed content platform with scientific sources requirement
  • A massive content platform for Poland (TOP10 for many years)
  • Innovative Agile Learning Centers
  • Chrome extension for managing scraps of information found all over the web
  • Hybrid education platform that allows schools to offer remote lessons
  • An ecovillage, with permaculture garden and ecological habitat
  • An actual, state-certified, full school with our custom teaching system
  • Last but not least – Ping, a task and project management application


All of these are operational and flourishing. All required titanic amounts of hard work and getting stuff done, and all gave us headaches over project management, delegating tasks, staying on top of things and sleeping well. We have tried every possible process and toolset, and like quited a few. Trello, Asana, JIRA, Teams, Redmine, MS Project, Monday, Basecamp, Clickup (and others) are amazing apps developed with care and really useful features. Most of these suited parts of our work perfectly – the issue is, none suited all. Maybe it was just us? To find out, we started asking people. A lot of people.


After talking to countless business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and enthusiasts we have arrived to a conclusion that there is a need for something fresh. Something that would seriously (not just in marketing copywriting) cover the 3 biggest pain points of modern task & time management:


  • Separating and suiting business and personal matters across contexts and devices
  • Creating and managing accounts and users (includes billing per seat)
  • Constantly switching to and manually updating data inside a system that is supposed to streamline work, not add more


If we ever have to create an account, log into a separate system and create tasks by writing each letter manually again, we’ll seriously consider an early retirement. We’re through with this, and it seems that a lot of people are as well.


This is why we started our newest project – Ping. Ping is a tool, but understanding and using it requires a slight change in how we approach work, projects and logging tasks in general. Ping is not meant to replace Trello or Asana 1:1 and be yet another issue tracker. We really strive to create something that is natural to a human’s workflow, does not get in the way and can work across both private and business life on a scale much larger than a filter/view.



You can help us!


If our genesis and ideas speak to you, we’d be extremely grateful for any contributions. Ping is currently in development, we are collecting feedback and conducting research both on how you work, as well as from beta testers.


The best way to help is to simply let us know what projects you run and how. You can also sign up to get access to a beta of Ping right here.


Stay tuned!


Veteran Marketing Manager & Project Manager. Experience both from corporate (Intel, Nikon, ASUS, Huawei), as well as startup sides of the Force. Currently running the Ping community.

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